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AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition

AllMyNotes Organizer - a brilliant private manager! Hold every bit of your sensible records safely
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4 September 2015

Editor's review

This is software that lets you not only create notes but also get them organized well. Retrieving a particular note becomes easy when they are well organized and structured.

AllMyNotes Organizer would help you to keep all your notes secure and easily reached at any moment. all the notes get stored in single file that is encrypted or an so called electronic vault. This is a single, encrypted file and the notes inside can be grouped into a flexible tree structure. All the activities related to managing notes such as capturing notes, ideas, and diaries becomes very simple. The program makes it very easy to capturing notes, diaries, thoughts, ideas, letters, links, contacts, addresses, quotes, goals, passwords, access codes, and a unlimited number of other things. Major important features related to this functionality such as instant search, rich text editor, access restriction by password, password generator utility, icons, tasks, free-form tree, automatic backups, skins, multilingual, import and export are all made available in the program.

The interface is well tuned to the use. On the left you have the tree structured organization of the notes displayed. Makes it easy to browse around and find the note you are looking for. The structure can be many level deep tree so that a note can always be stored in a logically related place and be found easily. The tool bar includes files controls. Search related controls make it easy to find what specific note you are looking for. Levels of undo/redo is available to correct mistakes you make in note making. The usual features of cut, copy and paste are available for the editor as is settings. Created notes can have hyperlinks and/or attached files so that the note would really have all the related information together. If any part of your job needs keeping a lot of notes and finding them when you need them, then here is a good tool to try out!

Publisher's description

With All My Notes Organizer all your valuable info is stored safely away from other people, protected by password, in a single, encrypted file, and records may be grouped into a adjustable outline tree structure.
Where do you usually keep all your sensible private data, like, access codes, passwords, random ideas, secret notes, reminders, phones and urls. Did you ever found yourself lost in tons of papers, stickers, and small text files? Now, there is a perfect solution! outliner for managing any random information!
It's the best solution of tools for capturing diaries, notes, thoughts, letters, urls, contacts, ideas, quotes, pwds, goals, access codes, and simply unlimited other things.
Major features are: Fast Search through your data, advanced and yet sophisticated Text Editor, encrypted data storage, data Access Restriction by Password, a Password Generator Utility, Icons, Reminders, Tables, Tasks, Free-form outliner, Automatic-Backups, Color Themes, Multilingual, Import and Export.
Almost impossible to define all possible uses for this kind of software, so ,go ahead, give it a spin, to be assured - everybody can find interesting use of this kinf of application!
AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition
AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition
Version 2.84
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Nice UI :)
Best notes software i never seen bevore.
+good support
+modern design
+many functions
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